About ESSO

The Society

Established in 1981, the European Society of Surgical Oncology
(ESSO) is committed to advancing cancer surgery in Europe and
beyond. Through education, research, and multidisciplinary care, we
shape a future of surgery for the ultimate benefit of patients.

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Our Commitment

  • Congress Excellence: We organize the largest surgical oncology
    congress in Europe, providing a platform for knowledge exchange and
    collaboration among professionals.
  • Community Building: Join a community in a network of over 4,000
    members (individuals and affiliated)
  • Education and Training: ESSO offers courses and webinars for junior
    and senior surgeons, ensuring continuous learning and development.
  • Leading Publication: Stay at the forefront of surgical oncology
    research with our monthly Scientific Journal, EJSO (European Journal
    of Surgical Oncology).
  • Collaboration: We actively cooperate with other discipline and organ based
    societies within the European Cancer Organisation (ECO),
    working together for a comprehensive approach to cancer care. We
    also collaborate with the European Board of Surgery for examinations
    in surgical oncology and breast cancer surgery.
  • Advocacy: ESSO is dedicated to promoting the value of surgical
    oncology in cancer care. We advocate at the EU level for the
    recognition of surgical oncology as a specialty and harmonized training
    in surgical oncology.
  • Global Outreach: We offer specific opportunities for cancer surgeons
    from developing countries to attend the ESSO Congress, ensuring a
    global perspective in our endeavors.
  • Quality Assurance: ESSO supports quality assurance projects aimed
    at improving cancer care for all patients across Europe.

Mission Statement

To advance the science and practice of
cancer surgery for the benefit of patients
through education, research and
innovation, multidisciplinary care, in Europe and beyond.


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